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Rimer Ya'araAdministrationSecretary86335Danciger B 202yaarar at
Dadon TaliAdministrationSecretary85512Kaplun 112tali.m at
Barak SaritAdministrationSecretary84605Kaplun 112sarit at
Zaken Drachsler ElinorAdministrationI-Core Administrator85167Kaplun 27elinorz at
Amati MeitalAdministrationInstitute Secretary84550Levin 12meitalam at
Adiel EttyAdministrationThe Institute's Administrative Director84550Levin 13ettya at
Mor Kline IditAdministrationAssistant to Chairman of Physics Studies84541Levin 8iditmk at
Ohana LiatAdministrationSecretary of Physics Studies85226Levin 8liato at
Mizrahi MoranAdministrationAdministrator of the General Physics Department85659Popick 116moranmi at