Master's degree students


      1999-2000       Assaf Ater

                              Thesis Topic:   Weak Localization in the Non-Diffusive Limit


2001-2003       Roy Ceder

                          Thesis Topic: Quantum Corrections to Conductivity at Non-  equilibrium Resulting From High Voltage.


2002-2005        Raphael Matthews

                          Thesis Topic: Contact conductance of one-dimensional wire partly embedded in a superconductor.


Doctoral degree students


2001-2004       Eldad Bettelheim

                        Thesis Topic:  Field Theory Analysis of Laplacian Growth Models


2004-present    Roy Ceder

                          Thesis Topic: Slow Relaxation in Mixed Chaotic Systems


2005-present    Raphael Matthews

                          Thesis Topic:  Non-dissipative Drag in Superconductors.