David Benyamin

Position: Post-doc
Office: Kaplun 100
Phone: (972-54) 5330991
Email: david.benyamin@mail.huji.ac.il

Research Interests:

Particle/high-energy astrophysics, Galactic cosmic-ray production and propagation, Cosmic-ray and neutrino observations, Ultra-high energy cosmic-ray, Particle interactions with fields and matter, X- rays and γ-rays, Nuclear astrophysics, Galaxy structure, Astrophysical plasma kinetics.

My Research Summary:

I developed the first fully 3D model describing the diffusion of cosmic rays (CRs) in the Milky Way while considering that a large fraction of the CR acceleration takes place in the vicinity of the dynamic galactic spiral arms. It presently includes the nuclear spallation chain up to Nickel, and allows the study of various CR properties, such as their age, grammage traversed, and various secondary and primary particle ratios. With the code, I could show that many poorly understood CR characteristics can be naturally explained. I intent to continue developing and applying the code to understand further cosmic rays behavior in the Galaxy and their relation to other topics in high energy astrophysics.

A simulation of the cosmic ray density in the Milky Way plane, at different energies. The black dot represents the solar system which revoles once every 300Myr. The color scale denotes the log of the density at different energies:

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