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General Information

Upon arrival in Ben Gurion airport, it may be useful to have available a letter of invitation (or even an e-mail), to show the security people.

Transportation to Jerusalem:
Ben Gurion airport is between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, about 15 minutes ride from Tel-Aviv and 40 minutes to Jerusalem. Unless you are being picked up, an effective way to get to Jerusalem is by a shared door-to-door limo service, called Nesher Shuttle to Jerusalem. It operates 24 hours a day, and can be easily found on the right as one exits the arrivals terminal. It costs a fixed price of 40 shekel (or $10). Alternatively, one can take a taxi to Jerusalem, immediately to the right of the Nesher station, which would cost about $40. Either way, ask the driver to be dropped off either at your designated accommodation, or, if you wish to get to the Institute first, at the pedestrian gate of the Safra - Givat Ram campus of the Hebrew University.

The Institute for Advanced Studies:
The workshop activities will be held at the Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS), on the Edmund Safra Campus at Givat Ram of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The Institute is in Feldman building, the third building on the right from the main pedestrian gate, about 100 meters from the gate. If you arrive with a taxi, ask to be dropped off at the main pedestrian gate. The main phone of the IAS is +972-(0)2-6584884, active 8 to 4 during Sunday to Thursday.

The accommodation arrangements are specified in personal emails.
Some visitors are housed at Belgium House (``Beit Belgia" in Hebrew), the faculty club in the Givat Ram campus. By car, it is located about 500 meters along the road from the west gate, a round two-floor building on the left. Tel: +972-(0)2-6584383 or 5660192, day and night. If you arrive off hours, ring the bell at the entrance. Beit Belgia is less than 10 minutes walk from the IAS.
Others are assigned to the Renaissance Hotel, about 10 minutes walk from the campus' pedestrian gate and west gate.
Some of the visitors share nearby apartments, either in Neve-Sa'anan (about 10 min walk from the campus' east gate), or in Rehavia (20-30 min walk from campus).

The weather in June can be pleasent, but it could also be quite warm. It is usualy dry (average dew point 51F), so one feels better than in more humid areas (such as Tel Aviv or New York). The temperatures in Jerusalem in June are average high 26C (79F) and average low 15C (60F), but they can easily rise to above 30C (86F) in hot days. The warmest ever was 35C (95F) and coldest ever was 10C (50F). This means light clothing during the day, and sometimes a light jacket at night. The IAS building is comfortably airconditioned.

During the first, third and fourth weeks of June, lunch will be provided at the IAS every working day, for 25 shekels. The place allows 22 people, and it provides yet another good opportunity for interaction.
During the second week, starting June 8, we will be 40-50 participants, more than what the IAS club can contain. Therefore lunch will be available instead in the Faculty Club, Beit Belgia, for about 40 shekels (or in their cafeteria, for less).
There will be some organized dinners, as specified in the program and social program pages. Otherwise, a list of restaurants in town can be found under Restaurants, or in other guide pages.

Offices and Computer Connections:
Every participant will be assigned a (possibly shared) office at the IAS, and a standard connection to the net. A few terminals will be available, but participants are adviced to bring and use their own laptops.
For computer help, the IAS system manager is Ofer Arbeli, located in the second floor of the IAS, or at
In your browser, define an automatic proxy:
The printer in room 129 is an HP LaserJet 8000n, whose IP is (
The printer in room 035 is LJ 8100DN (duplex), whose IP is (
If you need a desk-top computer, please contact Ofer.
Connection by modem from home will be possible in most cases.

Sports Facilities:
Access to the Gym, tennis courts and swimming pool on campus can be arranged. Please get the details in the IAS office upon arrival.

Reception photos:
and as QuickTime movie (QuickTime 6 required):
Pictures by Lexi from the dinner in Nataf: