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The Victor Rothschild Memorial Symposia
and the Institute for Advanced Studies

The 21st Jerusalem Winter School in Theoretical Physics
General Director: David Gross
December 29, 2003- January 8, 2004

Directors: Sandra M. Faber & Avishai Dekel



Avishai Dekel (Hebrew U)
CDM puzzles: halo structure, feedback
Sandra M. Faber (UC Santa Cruz)
galaxy properties to z=1
Ofer Lahav (Cambridge U)
large-scale structure
Abraham Loeb (Harvard U) reionization, black holes
Dan Maoz (Tel Aviv U) AGNs, gravitational lensing
Joel Primack (UC Santa Cruz) overview, SAMs at high z
Hans-Walter Rix (MP Heidelberg) galactic dynamics, high-z objects
Max Tegmark (U Penn) cosmic microwave background
Michael Turner (U Chicago) early universe, dark energy
Frank van den Bosch (ETH Zurich) SAMs, disk formation
Simon D.M. White (MPA Munich) galaxy formation: theory & simulations

How galaxies formed and evolved is a fundamental aspect of the universe we live in. A flood of multi-wavelength data from space and ground is revolutionizing our knowledge of both the local and distant universe. Although a ``standard" cosmological model for the universe as a whole is emerging, many aspects of galaxy formation remain deeply puzzling. Fortunately, large telescopes allow us to observe galaxies far back in time at only a small fraction of their present age. The building blocks of present-day galaxies and their formation process are thus becoming directly observable. The need to understand these data has triggered extensive theoretical work, some of which uses state-of-the-art numerical techniques to simulate galaxy formation on supercomputers.These exciting observational and theoretical developments will be the focus of discussion in the School. The pedagogical lectures will start from the basics and reach the cutting-edge of issues and results.

Participation: the school is intended for advanced graduate students and postdoctoral researchers from all over the world. Cost: Registration fee:$360.Hotel accommodation fees:$490. Financial support will be granted based on requests made during application. Applications: should be made via the web site by November 15, 2003.Candidates are also asked to send a short CV, a brief summary of current research, and arrange for at least one letter of recommendation to be sent to the School (e-mail is encouraged).

E-mail: advanc@vms.huji.ac.il
Fax: 972-2-6523429
Air mail: The Jerusalem Winter School, Institute for Advanced Studies, The Hebrew University, Edmond J. Safra Campus at Givat Ram, Jerusalem 91904 , Israel.