FreeBPM is like its name: a free software package for performing beam propagation simulation using the well known (to some) Beam Propagation Method. It is used mainly for designing a two-dimensional layout of waveguides and then simulates the propagation of light through the waveguide configuration. The need for such software is mainly in order to design integrated optics circuits, vastly used these days in the optical communication industry. Such integrated optics devices are the core elements of current optical networks which are the basis of The Internet.

This program is written because of one main problem: there are already a few packages for doing exactly the same thing. Each of them is sold for about 20K$ per piece. If you are in academia, the price drops considerably to only (?) about 5K$. In case you are just experimenting with ideas, learning the principles of integrated optics or want to teach a course about it in which your students can practice design, you are forced into tremendous expenses.

About a year ago, I decided to convert my long serving DOS code into an accessible 32-bit Windows program. I'm using this opportiunity to learn about Borland C++Builder compiler while producing something useful. The software is free for now, with no restriction on both sides: you can distribute it as a full package (the file you can download from this site) to anyone, however many times you want and install it on all the PC's in the universe. On the other hand, do not come to me with complains about a 1000$ wafer wasted because of a faulty design.

The program comes with a few sample designs demonstrating different capabilities. Currently, there is only a basic help file. There is a big number of missing features. Some of them are planned for later, some will be added as a result of users requests and some will never appear. You can contact me about any issue such as bug report or suggestions by email. There is a mailing list (links in the main and download pages), so please consider subscribing in order to stay informed about new releases.