Currently availabe FreeBPM version
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While downloading, keep in mind that there is no commitment between me and you. I can take this site down, change its URL (something that may happen within a year when I will finish my studies) or even start to charge money for future versions. Do not be too afraid of that because even if it will happen, it will be a small fraction of the cost of the serious programs (;>). Anyway, the name will have to change too (another ;>).
If you decide that you want to reward me somehow for my efforts (you may find this piece of software useful afterall), I'm looking for programing and physics textbooks. Software packages are welcomed too. However, please consult me before in order to fit my needs. An example is a new compiler - The current FreeBPM version is compiled on BC++Builder v4.0 (v5.0 is already out).

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