v0.3.2.562 , 2-Nov-2014
Compiled with C++ Builder version 10
New expiration date 1/9/2019 
v0.3.0.548 , 19-Nov-2002
Added a command line option to auto run and exit:
freebpm [-re] [filename.wg]
Next expiration date 1-Nov-2003

v0.3.0.531 , 2-May-2002

Compiled with C++ Builder version 4.
Somewhat faster

v0.3.0.530 , 4-Nov-2001

Completed the groups concept: A full 1D mode solver: New input option 'Mode' to launch a mode calculated by the mode solver.
Export any graph to a graphics bitmap format (bmp) file.
Handle all coordinates much more acurately.
v0.2.0.412 , 5-Aug-2001
First beta release.
You have to update 6 months after the current version release date.
A layered model for the layout.
A colormap output graph.
Output graphs are printable (buggy).
New and improved selection options.
Associate and launch *.wg files with FreeBPM.
Detailed Undo title and tip.
Works slightly faster (though I have no clue why...).
Some bugs were fixed, some were just introduced...
v0.1.4.288 , 1-May-2001
More input field options including a user defined input from a file.
Multiple input beams of different parameters.
Control over what is sent to the outpt file. (Thnx Paul)
Automatic installation by one setup file. (Thnx to J. Russell and Inno Setup)
A more detailed help file.
Help is context-sensitive.
Some little tweaks and changes.
v0.1.3.244 , 5-Mar-2001
Real hirarchical grouping of waveguides.
Design notes pane.
Ask for confirmation before overwriting files.
Default settings can be kept.
More parameters are saved.
Undo option.
Recover work from crashes.
Power is now phyaical for nonlinear simulation (it was arbitrary).
F5 for refreshing display.
A more robust waveguide file phraser.
Got rid of the nasty error message at the end!!!
v0.1.2.163 , 2-Feb-2001
Added curved waveguides.
Added vertical and horizontal flip buttons.
Running time is measured and presented in main title.
Keyboard options in DesignPad: <arrows>, <delete> and <space>.
Wavelength can be specified in five different units.
Double-clicking a waveguide opens the Edit window.
Right-click the Simple ToolButton changes between Simple and Xparal.
Direct links in the About box.
Units are marked in Parameters.
Some bug fixes.
v0.1.1.90 , 8-Jan-2001
Removed the limits on grid and step size. (it was not artificial!)
You can choose the output file name.
Faint waveguides behind the output graph.
Output graph can be normalized for each slice or generally.
Two flip options.
Possibility to convert individual waveguides between 'simple' and 'xparal'.
The begining of a help file.
v0.1.0.83 , 5-Oct-2000
First release.
Obviously, no new features or bugs corrected.
Please regard this and coming versions as "preview releases" until further notice. I do not plan a so-called commercial version, so it should not matter to anyone.