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Jay Fineberg’s Group

People in the Lab

The Group currently consists of Prof. Jay Fineberg, Dr. Gil Cohen and Oded Ben-David,  Tami Goldman, and Ilya Svetlizky

Prof. Jay Fineberg, Head of the Group

Jay is the head of the group—His job is basically bugging all of the  good people, listed below, who do the real work. Jay is interested in many different (rather loosely related  topics) whose main common denominator is that they are nonlinear phenomena, that Jay would like to understand.

Dr. Gil Cohen,  Research Scientist

Gil is go-to guy in our lab. If anyone has a problem in how to accomplish something, Gil is the person to talk to. Besides his expertise in Physics, measurement techniques, and computers Gil is also an accomplished Biophysicist. .. Gil is involved with anything and everything in the lab, and generally does his best to keep the rest of us out of trouble. 

Hadar Shlomai Ph. D. Student

Hadar is “friction gal”. She is working on the friction of bi-material interfaces and looking for new “slip pulse” like modes of friction that are predicted to appear along a bi-material interface (a frictional interface compose of two different materials). Their elastic contrast gives rise to qualitatively different effects than those observed in a homogeneous interface (composed of the same materials).


Tami Goldman, Ph. D. Student

Tami is working on  understanding the fundamentals of “How Things Break”, or the physics of dynamic fracture. To slow the dynamics  of running cracks down from kilometers/sec in standard materials, Tami  utilizes a  new experimental system, based on the fracture of brittle polymer gels,  in which the relevant sound speeds are reduced by a factor of 1000 or so.  Her  results are exciting - observing new phenomena, which would have been impossible to see in  the  “standard” materials in which cracks popagate at kilometers/sec. Her latest results demonstrate how and when “massless” dynamic cracks acquire “inertia” .  On the way , these results show when and how two qualitatively different equations  of motion can  describe how  rapid cracks should move. 



Ilya Svetlizky, Ph. D.. Student

Ilya is a friction guy. He is working to figure out “How Things Slide” - or the dynamics of the onset of frictional motion. Ilya is working on a variety of fundamental questions which include: what is the most fundamental local  “law” of friction at a point within an interface— and how does this behavior create the macroscopic “friction laws” that we are familiar with. 

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Phone: (972) 2 65865720

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